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  • How long have you been in business?
    Fine Oak Things has been in business since 1989. Our flagship location is located in at 43 Main St. South in Campbellville (Google maps list as Milton), just south of the 401 on Guelph Line.
  • Where is your furniture made?
    The vast majority of our furniture is manufactured in Ontario by Mennonite and Amish craftsmen. Our builders are expert furniture makers whose traditions and craftsmanship has been passed down through generations. They do not sell directly to the public and manufacture their furniture on farms across Ontario – from the St. Jacobs/St. Clements area north through Owen Sound and across through Collingwood. Fine Oak Things also has several generational furniture makers across Ontario that are not of Mennonite or Amish descent. In addition to our Canadian builders, there are Amish builders from the Pennsylvania/Ohio border region that build for us as well.
  • Do you deliver or do I have to pick up my furniture?
    We deliver across Southern Ontario and have made deliveries from Windsor to Cornwall and from Niagara Falls to Muskoka. The charge for delivery varies by the distance from our showroom. Set up is included in our delivery charge. For purchases outside our delivery area, we have freight partners that will deliver furniture either to the customer’s home or to a local depot. Our freight partners will not set up your furniture. Customers can also pick up their furniture at our showroom location, but Fine Oak Things accepts no liability for any damage that should occur during transport. We will help you load your furniture, but will not strap it down for you and we do not provide additional blankets or wrapping other than what our builders provide themselves. We are able to ship the boxed Recycled Patio furniture via Fedex.
  • Who stains the furniture?
    Some of our builders will do their own finishing and have their standard colours from which to choose. For the remaining builders, we would have the furniture stained and have a wide range of stain choices. Where we do the stainign, we offer colour matching services, but extra charges will apply. Typically there is a standard colour that is close enough to the existing colour that we can avoid the extra charge for colour matching. Certain specialty finishes also have an additional cost. Examples of these finishes would be two toning, antiqued or rub finishes, or glazes. These finishes require additional time and labour and may add to the expected lead time.
  • Is there a charge for customizing?
    That depends on what is being customized. For example, changing the stain colour will not change the price; however premium finishes such as antiquing, two toning or glazed finishes will have an additional charge. Customizing to a smaller size will not change the price, while moving larger or altering the configuration would. Changing the type of wood will also change the price, as different woods have different costs. Adding features such as doors, drawers, shelves, etc. will add to the cost of a product. There will also be a charge for larger alterations (>2″) to the standard sizes of furniture. To calculate the additional cost, divide the price of the unit by the measurement and multiply by the larger size. For example, if a 60″ TV stand costs $1,000 and you would like to know the price of the same TV stand but 66″, you would divide $1,000 by 60 and multiply by 66 to get $1,100. There is no discount for making products smaller. As mentioned above, certain specialty finishes also have an additional cost. Examples of these finishes would be two toning, antiqued or rub finishes, or glazes. Colour matching would also have an additional charge. These finishes require additional time and labour and may add to the expected lead time.
  • Why do you not list all prices on your website?
    Pricing varies depending on size, type of wood and in some cases the finish (e.g. two toning, glazed finishes, antique finishes). We list starting at prices to give customers an idea on the cost of our furniture. There are three reasons we don't list all pricing for each wood. First, we have suppliers that do not allow us to post pricing. We want to maintain good relationships with our builders and need to respect their wishes to continue to do business with them. Secondly, since all pieces can be customized and made in different woods, we have found that it becomes confusing to list all prices in all woods and sizes. Lastly, it's a manual process to update the prices on the website. We currently have over 3,000 products, each available in multiple sizes, woods and stain colours. If we were to include each option, it would be over 100,000 SKUs. Even if it took only 5 seconds to update a single SKU, that would be over 100 hours to update all SKUs each time there was a price change. We're a small business and don't have the resources to do that. The best way to ensure accurate pricing is to request pricing through the various product pages on our website and we will get back to you shortly with an accurate quote. Where possible, starting prices are listed, but they reflect the smallest size in the least expensive wood. Bedroom set starting prices reflect a queen bed with two nightstands. Dining Set prices reflect the smallest size table with 4 chairs. When quoting, we will quote the set as shown on the website, unless otherwise directed in the notes. As all prices on our website are entered manually, there are occasions when price changes on the website will not be updated at the same time that they come into effect in our showroom. In these cases, the prices as listed on our pricing sheets in store will be deemed correct. We will honour all quotes for 30 days, with the exception of sale prices with stated end dates.
  • Do I have to base my design off a standard product or can I bring in a picture of what I want?
    It is easier for our builders to make design adjustments off of an existing product, but in some cases we can also design pieces from scratch. Our builders can accommodate most requests if they have a picture and measurements. It may take a business day or two for us to quote on these requests. Certain exceptions that our builders will not accommodate would be: custom chair designs, engraving or scroll work, or custom turned designs. However, it never hurts to ask. Unless otherwise specified on your order, all products are deemed to be standard size as specified on our web site and/or the builder’s catalog.
  • Do you sell floor models or do I have to order pieces? How long does it take after ordering?
    Most of the pieces will need to be ordered as there are far more pieces in our catalog than we can show in our showroom. The pieces will be made to your specification and stained in your choice of stain colour. We will occasionally sell pieces directly off the floor and may have discounts on certain floor sets (see Specials page for details). Floor models are sold as-is and are final sale. Our estimated lead time is 6-8 weeks from order date. Estimated lead times are given in good faith and are estimates only. Unforeseen delays in manufacturing and shipping are beyond our control. We appreciate your patience and understanding when these delays occur.
  • Can I change my order?
    All products will be ordered from the builder immediately upon your placing the order at Fine Oak Things. Any changes to your order need to be communicated in writing within 3 business days of order date. Beyond that period we cannot guarantee that your requested changes will be processed. Similarly, orders cannot be cancelled after 3 business days.
  • When do I pay for my order?
    We require a minimum deposit of 30% due upon ordering, but you can pay more or the whole invoice upon ordering should you wish. The full balance is due upon pick up or delivery. All furniture remains property of Fine Oak Things until invoices are paid in full. Any orders that were scheduled for pick up or delivery, but have not been paid for, claimed or delivered despite multiple attempts on our part to contact you will be considered abandoned after 90 days. At this point the pieces will be placed on our showroom floor and may be sold without recourse or refund.
  • How do I care for solid wood furniture?
    Ensure that the relative humidity in the home is maintained between 35%-55% (especially important for the winter). Clean with a damp cloth. Do not use solvents or cleaners. Use coasters and hot plates to protect your furniture against damage from heat and moisture. Use padding under rough china and surfaces to protect against scratches. Do not scrape or drag dishes across surfaces.

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